High Desert - Fossil, Oregon

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Here's where you'll find information about our station and the beautiful High Desert of North-Central Oregon that we call home.

KFSL-LP Goes "Indy!"

With the advent of the 501(c)(3) Wheeler County Broadcasters Association, ownership of the station has been transferred to the WCBA.

Embrace the Non-Commercial

Beginning in January of 2022, KFSL is reinventing itself by embracing its Non-Commercial Educational license with new, bold, and innovative programming changes. Twice a day, KFSL will offer its listeners three-hour blocks of commercial-free music. The FCC does require station identification announcements regularly, so from time to time you’ll hear our station's tag line, but that's it. No commercials, no ads, no PSAs or announcements of any kind. Three hours of commercial-free music. Every morning from 7 A.M. to 10 A.M. and every evening from 8 P.M. to 11 P.M.

We offer something the full-power radio stations can only dream about. We’re not in this for profit. We exist to provide you with the best listening option available. Why do most people turn on the radio? To hear music, right? It’s not rocket science. It’s radio!

We’re in the business of providing quality stereo music, and business is a-booming! Tune in once, and you’ll never need to change the dial again.

Our music menu is changing, so stay tuned in and find the days that best fit your personality:

Sunday is Bluegrass music, Monday is Vintage Country, Tuesday is a Country Western mix, while Wednesday, Hump Day, requires a more Rock and Roll tone. Thursday is Modern Country, then it's back to Classic Rock on Fridays and Saturdays.

Tune in weekday evenings at 7 P.M. for KFSL original programming. With local hosts James Andrews, Shawn Hawkins, Howard Dyer, and soon Lyja Whitbeck.

We are “Your Home Town Radio Station."

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